Winter 2023


Cerces 2023 Ski Tour

The following is a list of routes skied and climbed personally and with clients during the 2023 Winter season.

January 2023

Lead Guide on Heli/Glacier operations on the Antarctic Peninsula for Quark Expeditions

Convenor British Mountain Guides Ski Entrance Exam (Grands Montets)

4 day ski tour in the Cerces region, France

Col de la Fenetre and off piste guiding, Les Contamines

Presentation to Arcteryx UK, Covent Garden, London!

Cascade de Lillaz 3, Cogne

Grand Val 3+, Cogne

Le Brevent to Plaine-Joux via the Pormenaz ski tour

Mont Colmet (Val d’Aoste) ski tour

February 2023

The col de Barmerousse and descent of the combe d’En Bovie (return via Charbonnière). A serious exit.

2 day ski tour around the Beaufortain/Val de Montjoie skiing the Rocher des Enclaves, Col de la Fenetre and the Col de Tufs (Staying at the refuge de Pres).

Ski tour around lacs Arpy and Pierre Rouge (Italy)

Avalanche Course, Brevent

Croise Baulet ski tour

Avalanche Course Le Tour

Overnight Grand Saint Bernard Monastery ski tour with family

Punta Croce ski tour

Rochers des Enclaves ski tour

2 day ski tour around the Gramusset refuge (Aravis) including Pointe Carmelite, 2477m

2 day ski tour around the Benevolo Refuge, Val di Rhemes, Italy

March 2023

Col de l’Ecrenaz, Aiguilles Rouges and descent to Le Buet

Combe Vierge, Vallee Blanche

Col (West) de Barrasson

Mont Fourchon, Grand Saint Bernard Pass

A 7 day trip to Albania to explore and ski tour the Dinaric Alps, or Accursed Mountains! Culturally fascinating and gastronomically impressive, we ate our way around the mountains. We skied in the outstanding Valbonë which has to a must visit destination for any mountain goer and later based ourselves in Lepushë. Like many of my further afield trips I came away wanting to know more about the culture and history – highly reccomended.

A 6 day hut to hut ski tour in the Mont Thabor region of the Hautes Alpes, French Alps. We stayed at the Laval, Drayeres, Thabor, Magi and Ricou refuges. We climbed and skied the Rocher de la Grande Tempete, Col Nevache, Mont Thabor and the Pas de Lac Blanc (circumnavigating Mont Thabor and visiting the Vallee Etroite whuich is uniquely Franco/Italian).


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