Summer 2022

Polly Harmer BMG on the Migot Spur

Polly Harmer on the Migot Spur during a BMG/ENSA exchange


The following is a list of routes climbed and adventures completed during the 2022 season

June 2022

Trainer on the British Mountain Guide Alpine Summer Training (Aspirant 3) climbing Perrons, Entreves and Glacial rescue day.

North Face of the Gran Paradiso AD+

Cacao Girls 5C+

Trainer on the British Mountain Guide/ENSA joint Aspirant Training course (this culminated in a convention between both organisations) climbing at les Chezerys, Arete de Cosmiques, Traverse of the Petit Charmoz and the Migot Spur on the Aiguille du Chardonnet

A boys adventure sailing to Rona to climb new routes with Jonny Baird and Michael. 3 routes were ascended!

Guiding on the Black Cuillin of Skye then a further week’s sailing around the Small Isles

July 2022

2 days working on Chamex/Arcteryx Academy event

Diedro di Giallo TD+ 6B+ on the Becca di Valsoera (Parc de Gran Paradiso, Rifugio Pontese)

Voie Laurent Grivel 5C, Petit Flambeau

Arete à Marion, Pointe de Blonniére 5B, Aravis

NNE Arete, 5C Aiguille de l’M

August 2022

Most of August has been an exploratory Sail and Climb/Ski Expedition to East Greenland. We had a very succesful trip climbing and skiing new peaks and routes, as well as rock climbing. Here is the link to an online report for the American Alpine Journal AAC Publications – Ascents in Poulsen Fjord and Elsewhere (

September 2022

Arete à Marion, Pointe de Blonniére 5B, Aravis

Pointe de Vioz 5C , Brevent, Chamonix

1 day Alpine Assessment (BMG) on the Midi-Plan Arete

Voie des Dalles, Aiguille du Pouce TD 5C

Le ticket, le carré, la ronde et la lune, 6B+ Aiguille du Peigne

Chamonix Valley Rock Climbing for Chomonix Experience

Pointe de Vioz 6A, Brevent, Chamonix

Arete des Papillons, Aiguille du Peigne

3 days crack climbing in the Valle d’Orco

Aiguille du Van, Perrons

Cacao Girls, Gietroz

Bravo Lapp 5B, Dalle a Borne

Pointe Dzérat (pointe E du Midi) via Arche à Gauche 5C+

Dent de Fenestral, Arete W PD+ II


Apart from a few early mixed routes the alpine season has been entirely rock based, often non-glaciated. The autumn will be spent firstly on Skye on SY Marin, then the Dodecanese both sailing and rock climbing before heading to Antarctica to oversee some helicopter/glacier operations from a large passenger ship.


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