Summer 2021

Alpine Climbing on the Aiguille Entreves, Mont Blanc Massif (ENSA Aspirant Mountain Guide course)


The following is a rolling list of some of the routes and peaks climbed both as a guide and personally this season.


5 days observation with the French School of Alpinism (ENSA) on the Aspirant Guide course

Gran Paradiso voie normale

Aiguilette d’Argentiere & Via Ferrata

Monte Rosa 4000m peaks including Punta Giordani 4046m, Balmhorn 4167m, Pyramid Vincent 4215m, Punta Gnifetti 4554m, Zumsteinspitze 4564m, Parrotspitze 4436m and Ludwigshohe 4342m


Traverse of the Petits Charmoz AD IV

Arete des Cosmiques (twice) AD

Aiguille Marbreés PD

Freshfield Arete on the Tour Ronde AD

Voie du Nain AD IV Clochetons Gunneng and the North Ridge of the Aiguille Dibona AD III, Ecrins

Traverse of the Aiguille Crochue PD



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