2018/19 Winter Routes List

Two Emperor Penguins at Snow Hill Island, Antarctica Tim Blakemore

The 2018/19 Winter season has started. Below is a rolling list of routes etc that I have skied, climbed, visited etc

November 2018

Two voyages to the Antarctic Peninsula. The first was a ‘standard’ Peninsula voyage where I guided various peaks and glaciers. The second was a voyage to the Weddell Sea and Snow Hill Island where I ran Heli-Ops to visit this northernmost Emperor Penguin Colony.

December 2018

Pointe de la Croix, Val d’Aoste ski tour

Col Ouest de Barasson ski tour

Val d’Isere and Tignes off piste including Col Pers (2 days)

Mont Paglietta, Val d’Aoste ski tour


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